Deep Journeys For Profound Change


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Deep Renewal Journeys

Start 2018 with a Deep Renewal Journey to refresh and refuel your inner resources for your mission, intimacy, and wellbeing.

“My life has completely changed.” ~ Becky B 

You CAN live a life of endless awakenings. 2018 CAN be the year it REALLY happens for you. It doesn’t need to be a struggle. Make the time, invest in yourself, and use the tools and kind of support that can make magic happen.

“The results were so much deeper and more powerful than anything I’d experienced in the past.” ~ Lynda Bayada

Who is this for? You’ve got a hunger for change and unfolding your innate potentials. You’re open to exploring your psyche and unlocking your energetic powers. You’re curious and have benefited from some amazing offerings for self development. Now you sense you’re ready for journeying deeply to manifest sustained change that shifts your life trajectory into living the life of your dreams.

“Chris offers an incredibly unique and powerful process.” ~ Martina Hughes 




“This work and process is truly a hidden gem stone.” ~ Jens Berkan

Each journey will involve a custom mix of transformational tools. The group rituals are Embodied Astrology rituals or Karmic Release rituals. In the 1on1 sessions we can use ANY of my tools… Emotional Clearing Tools, including Quantum Clears (usually $450 each), the Astrological Medicine Wheel, Karmic Release Statements, Gazing Empowerments & Mantric Invocations… You’re all in and I’m all in with all my tools to meet, support and empower you.

“I have felt more alive, focused and energised; there have been huge shifts where everything is flowing again. I would highly recommend Chris as a trusted exceptional healer.” ~ Michelle Sinclair



“I feel like a new person. I don’t ruminate about shit anymore, I’m not anxious, I don’t second guess myself all the time… Basically I feel at peace, at home. It’s lovely!!” ~ Samantha Joachim


“These days, I tend not to turn to readers or guides for support in life, I turn to change makers and energetic magicians like Chris, who help me to shift the really deep underlying stooooof that subconsciously shapes our lives.” ~ Pippa La Doube



All journeys are to intended to start between 15th January 2018 and November 1st 2018.

All 1on1 sessions can be scheduled for weekday afternoons and evenings, and weekend afternoons.

All in person 1on1 sessions will occur in Mitcham Melbourne.

All group evening rituals are usually held at 7:15pm – 11pm in or near Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The weekend rituals are 8:45am till 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday, held in or near Lower Plenty, Melbourne.

“I have felt so much more peaceful, lighter, more awakened one might say and that feeling as
~ Sarah Dwyer



“I see the effects of this work every day. I feel the changes. I recognise the potency and power that has been pouring back into my life because of this work. My life has already transformed so much thanks to this. And I am excited for what is still to come.” ~ Beata Maz

The schedule for the group rituals and weekends includes the following dates (subject to change):

• Wednesday January 31st
• Saturday February 24th
• Saturday March 24th
• Saturday April 28th
• Weekend of May 19th & 20th
• Saturday June 23rd
• Saturday July 28th
• Saturday August 25th
• Saturday September 22nd
• Saturday October 27th
• Weekend of November 17th & 18th
• Saturday December 15th

“I highly recommend this deep, inner, soul work for any one genuinely seeking to release old psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic baggage.” ~ An Anonymous Ananda