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What if you could suddenly move through all the baggage that’s kept tripping you up in life? Old emotional triggers, gridlocked beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours… all of it can be dealt with directly, simply and quickly. Sounds too good to be true, right? So like me, you’ll just have to try it and experience it to KNOW a new reality is possible. 
Emotional Integration Tools™ distills and combines a wide array of complementary self development practices.  It is informed by my training in SACRED processing and emotional ClearingSpiral Dynamics consulting and knowledge of AQAL Integral Theory, Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neural Linguistic Programming, Theta Healing, Tantra Yoga, the perennial chakra system, the Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness and more.
Single Issue Sessions

To radically accelerate your ease with manifesting transformation in any chosen area of your life.

Come with a goal in mind or at least an area of challenge, an area of your life that when you do try to make stuff happen, somehow it always seems to goes sideways…. Once you have something specific, and juicy, book in here.

Life Transformation Journeys

The Life Transformation Journey gives you 8 sessions of intensive transformation using Emotional Integration Tools and, if delivered in person, Embodied Astrology. It can include The Spiral, The Sexual Spiral, The Spiritual Spiral, The Body Spiral, The Wealth Spiral etc and/or a custom set of topics where you want to manifest significant changes in your life.

Each session involves deep meeting in presence to active your conscious nature, inviting it to increasingly become the foundation of your life. Once the flame is lit, so to speak, we add the fuel to create an inferno of rapid transformation process using Emotional Clearing Tools™ that incorporates “The Spiral” or similar pathway. Each session focuses on surfacing and integrating the energy, insights and benefits stuck in the biggest, heaviest and most unconscious weights holding us all back from living the lives we want.

Honestly, all deep work with me starts here. Everything else will deliver better results after you’ve done this journey. But it is a massive journey to enter: your life WILL transform, and you don’t get to know ahead of time what will stay and what will go…. it can be a subtle uplift, like riding a supportive air current… or there can be quick dramatic shifts, activations, sudden liberations from unconscious constraints, and there can be some intensive emotional processing required….but it passes with incredible speed if you’re guided and energetically supported to cooperate with it, and the fuller benefits unfold over time as you adapt to the new foundations in your psyche and enact a new kind of life. Are you game? BOOK IN NOW.

Core Wounding Integration

We all have a mother and father, and most of us an ex-lover or two. Even if a parent was physically absent from birth, we still have a mental picture of them. All of them have left a deep imprint in our psyche, forming part of the very landscape of our development. Even without meaning to, each of these “core characters” in our life were involved in the creation of our “core woundings”. Some might say ‘”Hey, I’m not broken, don’t fix me, it’s just who I am!” And you’re welcome to keep carrying the baggage. But if you’d like to be MORE of who you really are, without a ton of psychic debris weighing you down, distorting your perceptions and draining your energy…. then the Core Wounding Integrations are for you.

Each of the Core Wounding Integrations are intensive 2-4 hour sessions requiring you to complete at least a week of preparation work.

The Core Characters to do Core Wounding Integrations on are:

  • Mother (actual and then archetypal mother/feminine)
  • Father (actual and then archetypal father/masculine)
  • Lover (ex, current and/or desired)
  • Abuser (a key figure who created trauma in your life) and Abused Self (often the “Wounded Inner Child”)
  • Idol (a key figure or composite of figures who you have or do aspire to be like)
  • Self (your self identity, your ego’s character traits)

Get in touch if you’re ready to revolutionise your life and relationships from the core outwards.