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Born in Brisbane Australia in 1976 (26 Oct @ 15:15 astrology nerds!), I’ve been learning meditation since my first ‘how-to’ course in 1989. I’ve never gotten around to establishing a ‘traditionally’ recommended daily meditation schedule. I do, however, meditate all the time.

A few key questions have been guiding lights in my life – continually being asked and answered afresh: What is this? Who am I? What do I want? What is needed? In seeking and finding answers to these questions, I’ve adventured on a journey of self and life discovery through the study of spirituality, psychology, physiology, sociology and more.

Along the way, I’ve gotten the most value from encountering the following people, practices and paths:

In addition, I’ve trained in many subtle energy modalities. I don’t specifically advocate or teach any of these approaches, but I have found them to be engaging at one time or another in my journey. I received Pellowah 1&2 from Louise Senior in January 2019, and became a Certified Practitioner of Vortex Healing® – Divine Energy Healing in July 2019, and currently offer sessions using both of these modalities.

I received Rei-ki level 1 attunement in 1996, and level 2 in 1997, from Kevin Duff of the Usui Rei-ki Network and eventually became a Reiju Rei-ki Master (level 3, Shippuden) via multiple channels. I’ve also received instruction in and benefits from working with Reconnective Healing, Body Harmony, Quantum Dynamics processing, the Orion Theta Healing technique, the Emotional Freedom Technique, receiving the 12 Munay-Ki Rites and many more I can’t recall or find an online link for!!!


About Chris

The adventure of emergent discovery and creation continues… Do you want to share the road together for a stretch?

Then please, do get in touch.

About Chris


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