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All payments for services are considered to be gifts. You may think of them as non-tax-deductible donations in service of participating in a crowd funding for the further development of the capacities involved in delivering the services to you.

While all care is taken, no legal responsibility is assumed for your participation in any of the services offered. You do so at your own risk. No warranty, no guarantee, no liability coverage is offered. You need to assess, ahead of commencement and throughout engagement, if you have the physical, emotional, mental and other supports and capacities to participate, mange your own safety and navigate any changes resulting from you choosing your own self-exploration actions. I can only provide information and opinion of a general nature, and professional medical and other appropriate supports should be your formal advisors.

No refunds unless services are cancelled without an offer to reschedule. Deposits requested to secure venues and cover other preparation expenses are non-refundable even if the service is cancelled and not rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding.