Potent Processes For Manifesting Magic


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When you want rapid changes you journey with community in powerful ritual processes.

Future events will be listed here.

Lakshmi – Awakening, Abundance, Purpose & Harmony

Fitzroy, Melbourne, Saturday 18th November 2017

Lakshmi is the goddess of the four sustaining and enriching aims of life: Moksha, Karma, Artha, Dharma… or Awakening, Abundance, Purpose & Harmony. More than just the Goddess of luck, fortune and prosperity, by invoking Lakshmi we invite our most divine life to become embodied. Come and deepen your relationship to the incredibly generous goddess Lakshmi, and bring more Awakening, Abundance, Purpose and Harmony into your world.


From Chaotic Revenge to True Union – Introducing ERIS to the Court of Juno & Jupiter

Darlinghurst, Sydney, 25th November 2017

Eris is the Graeco-Roman Goddess of strife and discord, known for sowing the seeds of chaos to reveal the truth. Snubbed by her peers, Eris extracts her revenge… and is often defined by her hatred. But her exalted purpose is as a spiritual warrior who will not abide inequality and has the will and capability to use destruction, chaos and discord to reset the foundations of our lives and relationships so that the truth stands revealed.

Checking in on the state of the union between Jupiter and Juno we will deepen the dynamic by shaking open Jupiter’s energy and then breathe up Eris’ force of chaotic recreation before dancing Jupiter into a new, healthier and happier union with Juno. This process is known for surfacing previously hidden areas in need of further healing and integration. It can be confronting, but it will lead you into the truth.


Evolving Your Inner Tantric Masculine

Darlinghurst, Sydney, 25th November 2017

So much work these days is focused on opening our feminine energies, working the feminine aspects of tantric embodiment, with a strict dogma remaining around what the masculine should be. No matter what our gender unless we evolve the Inner Masculine into a tantric form – consciously energetically feelingly embodied – we’ll never consistently manifest the fuller potentials of exalted tantric states within ourselves nor embodied connections in our lives. So come, and evolve your inner masculine by shaking open your solar life force with the Sun, breath in more connection Neptune and embody the sizzling bright light of the dancing Shiva.


The Alchemy of Isis

Fitzroy, Melbourne, Saturday 16th December 2017

Come and receive the gifts of the Goddess Isis. Isis wants to help you unfold your capability for alchemical self transformation.

Isis is the daughter of the Earth and Sky, whose name means ‘throne,’ the seat, source, foundation… the embodied basis of our magical powers… Isis is the mother of our shamanic skills for manifesting real transformation… for undergoing the deaths and rebirths required for genuine renewal, for creating the lives we want by re-creating ourselves.

Isis offers us a full template for harnessing our physical, sexual energies, our Kundalini, and reveals their inherent sacred nature and functions for nourishing our heart expansion as tangible embodied love and solar, heavenly connection as the divine itself.